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January 26, 2012


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Hi S-in-L. Very much enjoyed your blogging. Good to keep up with what's happening both in Kenya & W. Pass on our love to your nearest ... Looking fwd to next one. keep up good work. Love xxx


Nice to hear what's been going on.
I wonder if Sparkle's up for taking after Chef in the computer game department :-)


Haha, I'm sure we'd all yell out, not knowing what might be crawling up our leg when we least expect it. Actually, I'm not sure I'd ever expect something to crawl up my trouser leg, but it's a good enough reason for elasticated ankles on one's trousers.
We'll wait patiently for the photos when M comes back, as long as she is well and happily busy.
You're doing a great job back home Husb, take care all.

Mandy in Kenya

hello...its me. finally borrowed a laptop off the lovely man who we.re staying with. the town is called Bungoma in the NW of Kenya. as husb mentioned we did have a loooooong hot mega dusty drive up here about 8 hours in total but have loved the last two weeks. today we went into a womens prison in a town called Kakamega. we talked for a bit then gave out soap. milk for the children and babies and some sweets. i was a little unsure of myself at first but it was a humbling and positive experience and the loo was the cleanest one outside of the lovely high school we are staying at. we spent two days at a school. they loved the learning materials we took them. benj... the chidlers loved the alphabet beads you bought online. we move onto Webuye tomorrow to our main school. Im ready to add a room to the school as a temporary measure til we can get some land and build a brick school.
loads of love to all.
i appreciate the kindwords aand interest from you folks in England.
soz about the dodgey punctuation its the keyboard!!
Mand xxxxxxxxxxxx

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