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August 10, 2009


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Auntie S, Uncle Foghorn & siblings had a really great weekend too. It was so nice to have everybody together. We thought Scalextric was great (even if Uncle Foghorn still hasn't got over Husb physc'ing him out!!), although Auntie S is still nursing her rather unfortunately-placed Wasp Sting.

The blog entry is great, with some lovely pictures.

We can't wait to get everybody together again really soon. Next time, maybe we could make the get-together a bit longer, so we have even more time to do so fun things, together with some quality chill-time.

Tiger-Girl is really enjoying herself and being with her cousins. If the weather holds out (and I can get back from work at a reasonable time) I plan on taking them to the local orchard to pick some juicy fruit from the trees. Tiger-Girl wants to take loads back for Chef to make jam with (although he doesn't know that yet!!).



Auntie S

Chloe has played beautifully with the girls today. They made some tasty cookies, lots of Karaoke singing and played in the garden. We polished the day off with a trip to Poundland (a favourite) with a couple of pounds each to spend, a play in the local Play Barn for the littlies, while Chloe & I had a well-deserved chat. All this followed off by a lovely meal in the pub restaurant and then home to bed with a story.

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