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November 04, 2009


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They are lovely and beautiful colours... being much of a visual learner group, pictures help me lot. I would make a door hang like the bead curtain. Thank You for a great pattern.


This Christmas will be my first Christmas in my own apartment with my boyfriend. I'm really looking forward to getting a small tree and making ornaments for it. I think I'll probably be using this one.

Anna Maria Quagliero

Thank you for your teaching

Janet E Berg

Hello, I found a link to your babules on a norwegian blog, so I have mede a link to you on my blog as well. I hope you think that is ok, if nor please contact me http://janetberg.blogspot.com/
Happy hollidays, Janet from Norway


Nice I have been making these for about 3 years. They also look great using variegated yarn. They don't break when the cats get a hold of them and they are so pretty.


I like it very much. Too bad that i' m from Holland and i don't know how the dutch names of the stitches

A. Velasco

I just love the way you teach to do things. Do you have other knitting tutorials

I am from mexico and I need an angel a baby figure and a virgen de guadalupe. Could you help me? My e mail address is tintafina@hotmail.com

Okemah Barton

i've mad a bunch of these for a local foster cat facility to give to the kitties as they come and go in the homes. my cat loves them (sans the hanger-loop) and i'm sure the others will too. I just "marinade" them in a baggie with some catnip before i give them, and they go wild, carry them like babies, and chase them about the house! :D thanks for such a fun and easy pattern!


Love them! Thanks so much! :)


woooowww wonderfull!!! thank you very much for your easy tutorial! and now....I want try!

Chantal Tempelaars

Thanks for your pattern. It is easy to make because you included the pictures.
I have creaded my own baubles with your basic pattern. I'm zo happy. Thanks for sharing!
Greatings from the netherlands.

Alejandra Saldivia

muy buena idea y muy bien explicado. Gracias. lo voy a poner en practica

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