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October 06, 2011


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Gosh. Just gosh. I hope that beyond your sadness in all the changes, you are so very proud of what you have done for them all. Such a wonderful time you have all had, and now you move into the next phase. There's no reason why it should not be as idyllic as the earlier one, as you see them grow and develop even further, knowing that the roots you helped them grow are strong and secure.
Be happy girlie, and take some time for yourself as you adjust.
love Elxx

PS - school is beckoning for this boy too.


Wow what a busy time you have had! So many changes but you sound like you are coping well. Makes me think of all the changes I have to come. Maybe living in the most isolated city in the world has it's advantages. Almost all kids go to universities in our own city ... next closest city is over three hours by plane!

I wonder what the next chapter will bring for you??? Bet it will be good :-) Can't wait to read about the charity.

Gail Meek

Wow, I got emotional just reading your blog today, Mandy. Being a mother is sometimes quite difficult... seeing the kids grow - experiencing them becoming independent, when all we can think about is them as our 'babies' and the years flying by too fast! But on the other hand... to see them grow into such wonderful young adults is a real blessing. You're an amazing family. We're so blessed to know you. Good luck with all the changes and new ventures, and I hope to catch up with you REAL soon.
Lots of love to you all xxx


Thanks for popping by my blog the other day. Your comment was a very pleasant surprise. I took a look at that site and it seems like a great place. I have thought about your suggestion, and it just isn't good timing for me (wish it was, would be fun). I don't like to commit to something unless I can give 100% and everything is very topsy turvy here :-)

Hope all is going well for you. Did you sign up for the Pretty Paper Party? I am enjoying it. Hoping to keep up this time. LOL


Well, what can I say? I can't believe how grown up the fledgies all are and stretching their wings already. Quite a change in your life my little earth mother! So proud of you & yours, Husb included. love xxx

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