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May 01, 2012


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These are really pretty! I love crocheting flowers and finding new ones are always a pleasure. :)


Thank you for the pattern...I surely will try it!!


Love this and can't wait to try. Caron simply soft brites will look beautiful I think. Thanks for the pattern.


Wow, great, great!!!! So pretty, thank you for sharing!

Dawn Schram

I like these. You should join ravelry.com and post your patterns there.

Love To Crochet

These are so pretty. Very lovely work. Thank you for the pattern. I've been crocheting pansies like crazy for a doily. Think I'll slip a few of these in it!

surf vacations

These are so fairly. Very charming perform. Thank you for the design. I've been crocheting pansies like insane in love with a doily. Think I'll slide a few of these in it!

Alta le Roux

Kan ek die patroon kry asb. Dis baie mooi


I've enjoyed a lot of your patterns . . . You are very creative!! I'm especially anxious to try the tahiti flower and your nativity set. Adorable. Thanks so much for sharing!!

LeTricia bester

I really like the looks of it. Would try it but I can not get the instructions to download


Thought you might like to see that I have used this design in a couple of my recent projects: a large one for a nightcap http://www.ravelry.com/projects/HarrietBazley/1840-nightcap and a small one on an egg-cosy: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/HarrietBazley/tahiti-blossom

Mandy McK

Thank-you, Harriet, it's always great to see what folks make with my patterns and it was good of you to link to your projects..... which are very nice.


Very nice, thank you :)

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