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January 28, 2013


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Julie Jeavons

Hi thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes we must meet up, but my Saturdays are now a right off due to Mommy taxi services. I've lost your phone number - can you give me a cal or send me a mail?


The start of your blog made me giggle ... but a tea cosy is the PERFECT reason for a 'convex scrumble' LOL I love my tea from a pot and I have a thick purple tea cosy I bought at a church jumble sale when we lived in Ireland. I hope it stays together for a looooooong time as replacing it is not going to be easy.

It is a shame that more people don't interact :-( Comments have a way of cheering us up. I am not sure if you realise how difficult the word verification on your blog can be at times and this might be preventing some comments. I often have to try two or three different ones before it will accept it. I know that this wouldn't get you 1% of visitors commenting, but it might get you a few more than now :-)

I am enjoying your crochet posts. This winter I think I am going to have to find someone to teach me. It is far too hot here at the moment to even consider doing ANY craft that involved yarn of some sort :-)


After saying that the word verification was often difficult I just had the easiest one ever! LOL Just thought I would share :D

Mandy McK (Moogieof4)

Chipper, thanks for letting me know about the comment verification :). Good to know. I always appreciate your comments. Mx


This blog takes me back to memories of our aunties as one year we bought a brown Betty teapot as present and I knitted a stand and tea cosy to fit. It was blue and white stripey. Looking fwd to seeing your finished cosy. Will be watching this space. Love xxx


Maz... that cosy and stand sounds fab... got any photos?

Elizabeth Keel

I do not understand what a Scruble is but I love your crochet items!! I really enjoy crocheting but I don't take enough time to get much in... If and when you make your Tea Cozy, I will be so glad to see it!! I have a number of tea pots but don't use them much as I don't really drink much tea, I just love tea pots!! :-)... Thanks you so very much for sharing your patterns and items you make, I sometimes just love to look!!
Hope you have a Great Day!!


Hi,Thanks a lot for the granny flower I now have from you.It will for sure give me a lot of nice, meditating crochethours around the house.
Regards from Louisa, Fyn, DK.

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